Darc Awards 2017 - Architectural lighting
July 2017

Darc Awards: 9 Locks of Fonséranes

The 9 Locks of Fonseranes is the most emblematic installation on the Canal du Midi, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Eight pounds and nine doors were built in 1697 by Pierre-Paul Riquet, architect of the Canal du Midi, born in Béziers. The technical prowess of crossing a 21.50 m height difference on a 300 m length for barges still fascinates 450 000 visitors each year. This makes it the 3rd most visited touristic site in Languedoc-Roussillon, after the “Pont du Gard” and the “Cité de Carcassonne”.

LUMINOcité, the lighting designer, has asked the support of Technilum to realize the lighting furnitures. A great opportunity for Technilum to locally show its know-how! Shiraz Nano lighting poles are placed on the parking and surroundings. Shiraz Nano bollards acompany visitors all along the pedestrian walkway towards the site. At night, a succession of scenes is progressively revealed to visitors as they walk alongside the locks, with Béziers’ fortifications as breathtaking backdrop.These lighting scenes are created thanks to 30 projectors (dynamic RGBW on DMX network) fixed on five poles nine-metres high. Benefiting from a contemporaneous design that perfectly matches with the locks’ mouldings, the aluminium masts are placed in line with the axis formed by the vegetation, and seem to have been there forever...

The 9 Locks project is participating to the Darc Awards 2017!

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Project video:

Project owner: Béziers conurbation
Lighting design: LuminoCITE
Landscape design: ALEP - Atelier Lieux Et Paysages

Technilum products: Shiraz Nano lighting poles, Shiraz Nano lighting bollards, Projector supports (Structure K poles)

Photo credit: Hugo Da Costa - www.hugodacosta.com