Cultural Patronage

Expert on urban issues and maintaining creative and intellectual exchanges with the prime contractor and developer, Technilum® took the initiative to create a cultural foundation which demanding programming answers to questions about the future of the contemporary city through lightRadiant energy that is capable of exciting the retina and producing a visual sensation. The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) extends from about 0.38 to 0.77 microns.  and its interference on architecture, art, design and landscape.

An ambitious program

Strategically located in the heart of a European region in the south of France, halfway between Barcelona and Marseille, on the Italy/Spain road, Lézigno has an international vocation. A lively place, open to new talent and researchers, Lézigno develops three areas of experimentation.

  • Training: A constant work in collaboration with architecture and art schools, particularly developed through “Nano City” experience (December 2006), an international workshop on architecture focused on Villeneuvette , an old royal factory, town of about 50 residents. The workshop invited international students from five schools of architecture (Japan, Australia, USA, Spain and France) to reflect, in a time of globalization, on the theme of the contemporary city in this context.
  • Innovation, in association with other manufacturers.
  • The creation in collaboration with public and private institutions and local authorities. Lézigno, real research lab and a place of reception, exchange, dialogue and exhibition hosts artists in residence and offers an annual series of conferences and meetings, the "Serendipities", aimed at a professional audience.

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