Association Française de l'Aluminium

The French Aluminum Association brings together companies in France that produce raw aluminum or aluminum alloys, semi-finished products made of aluminum alloys and subsidiaries of producing companies that distribute these semi-finished products in France 

International Aluminum Institute

European Aluminum Association

Aluminum Association of Canada



The CTICM is an organization accredited to certify the compliance with CE marking of construction products such as lamp posts.

EPV - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - Living Heritage Company

Since February 2016, Technilum has been awarded "Living Heritage Company". The label was created with the backing of French blic authorities to facilitate the identification of craftsmen and industries with rare expertise.

Unions and Partnerships


Association des Concepteurs Lumière et Eclairagistes (French lighting designers association).


Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism is a European project to promote the sensitive integration of ICT in cities, in partnership with Montpellier, Barcelona and Genova Universities.


Smart Lighting Alliance - brings together the various players involved in the different areas of smart lighting and the development of smart cities.

Syndicat de l’éclairage

Professional organization whose activity focuses on protecting the economic interests of its members and the promotion of lighting as a whole. It brings together more than 40 manufacturers of lamps, fixtures and lighting components for professional and home lighting.


Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie - French Union for the metal industry.

Other associations


International Association of Lighting Designers


Illuminating Engineering Society

International Dark-Sky Association


Lighting Urban Community International