Patenting Policy

Technilum is an independent company founded in 1971. Therefore, we regard our patenting policy with the utmost importance.

The majority of our products have been manufactured using patented processes. The names of our models are frequently patented as brand names.

Apart from the luminaries manufactured by our colleagues, who consist of but are not limited to Abel, Eclactic, Ludec, iGuzzini, Indalux, Philips, Sammode, Selux Lec, Shréder, Sill, Targetti, Thorn, and We-ef, all plans, diagrams, drawings, texts, photographs and models shown in the present catalogue remain exclusive property of Technilum.

They may in no event be reproduced, disseminated, or used, even partially, for whatever purpose, either free of charge or at a price, without our prior written authorization. Any violation of this statement is subject to legal proceedings.

The information, descriptions, and technical points contained in the present catalogue are subject to modification without prior consent in order to allow for further improvements.

Please get in touch with us directly to discuss any specific projects that you may have in mind.

The Know-How and Technologies section provides a more in-depth approach to what is presented in the data sheets for each model. It gives you the features of the City Module and Technalinox masts as well as accessories and technical options.

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