Surface Treatments

Plain anodisation (20 microns)

Plain anodisation (20 microns) is the surface treatment that best conserves the original aspect of the aluminium, leaving it with a hard surface and a satin finish.
This anodisation is a good protection against scratches and against corrosion, and carries an EU label Qualanod EWAA / EURAS, which is something that most of our sub-contractors adhere to too.
Since all of our products are produced without recourse to welding, which would affect the molecular structure of the aluminium and modify its reaction to the anodising, our anodising colours are uniform.


Anodisation is an electrolytic and purely chemical process, whereas powder-coating involves baking paint powders in an oven, this paint being applied by electrostatic methods. This type of painting can be applied in all the RAL shades, and can have various surface finishes (smooth, textured, grainy) according to the powders used.
Powder-paint manufacturers such as AKZO NOBEL, BICHON…offer palettes of colours, notably the "Special Finshes" from AKZO NOBEL which correspond with “Exterior Quality” shades.

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