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Ceramic Nano

When high technicity meets elegance. The Ceramic® range is a major innovation, both technical and aesthetic, combining the finest and state-of-the-art materials.

Ceramic® is an ovation to France, its elegance and its chic.

The use of technical ceramic to clad lighting fixtures answers the needs for high technicity, innovation and aesthetic.

Extremely resistant and lightRadiant energy that is capable of exciting the retina and producing a visual sensation. The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) extends from about 0.38 to 0.77 microns. , Ceramic greatly facilitates maintenance particularly as its glazed surface is self-cleaning.

Technical specifications

. Smooth extruded tubular aluminum profil
. Ø 100 mm
. Top component made of ceramic

Access door
. Interchangeable, flush
. Opening 500 x 963mm at 600 mm from the base (other height on demand)
. Locked with tamper-proof screw

. Made of die-cast aluminum
. Dimensions 260 x 260 mm
. Fixing distance 200 x 200 mm
. Insulating rings on the 4 anchoring oblongs to avoid any contact with galvanized steel bolts

Pole head
. Made of technical glazed ceramic, self-cleaning, coloured in the mass, temper proof finish

. Side or suspended fixation with component made of die-cast aluminium fixed on top of pole


Lighting element: Magic Luminaire
. Juliette or Jules Ø 270mm lampshade
. Body made of cast aluminum
. IP 67 / IK 08
. Dimensions Ø 250 x 83 mm
. Flat clear glass
. Led driver and Heat sink integrated to the luminaire’s body
. System power: 35 W
. 30 Leds lighting
. Color temperature 3000K or 4000K
. Total outflow (out of the luminaire): 3360 lm (98 lm / W) * for 4000K
. Optical prism on each Led
. DALI or 0-10 V available (on demand)
. Class 1 (Class 2 possible)temper proof finish

. Black or white glazed ceramic

. Polyester powder coating RAL colors or special finish
. Natural anodization (20 microns)

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