Extimity - Exterior Intimity, by Roger Narboni

Extimity - Exterior Intimity

In collaboration with Roger Narboni, Technilum launches eXtimity:

eXtimity - Exterior Intimity


eXtimity fits new urban trends, which are the result of changes in our lifestyles, a continuous need for connectivity and the consequent necessity to find spaces of conviviality and exchange.


"eXtimity is an answer to the cities actual evolution, a way to outperform traditional lighting.

Based on adaptable technical modules, eXtimity creates "LightRadiant energy that is capable of exciting the retina and producing a visual sensation. The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) extends from about 0.38 to 0.77 microns.  spaces". Places that are transforming and shaping the nocturnal environment, while being dedicated to well-being of users. The user finds there all the connectivity needed but can also become an actor and designer of its environment. 
Through various types of lighting and scenari, it is possible to visually make the immaterial volumes and surrounding space interact by defining, cutting and splitting the nocturnal space and its associated uses." 


eXtimity can integrate all the "Smart-in-Site" services and, among many other: 

  • Occupancy sensor
  • Speaker 
  • Wifi 
  • Video-surveillance 
  • Ambient scenting 
  • Heating 
  • Phototherapy...

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