LightRadiant energy that is capable of exciting the retina and producing a visual sensation. The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) extends from about 0.38 to 0.77 microns.  bollardA short pole used to close a road or path to vehicles above a certain width or to provide decoravite lighting to an area. with vanes to protect the optic.

Technical Specifications

Fully weld-free aluminium construction
Height 0m82 (CL 60)
Other heights 0m62 (CL 40) & 1m02 (CL 80)
Heights available 0m42 through 2m22

Lighting head
  • Die-cast aluminum flange louver protecting the glasswork
  • Transparent fresnel Optic injected acrylic, UV-stabilized


Power equipment
  • Class 1 or 2 (upon request)
  • Fluo Compact 23 W / 27 W
  • MH 35 W
  • Led bulb E27
  • Power supply mounted on a removable stainless steel plate
  • Other sources possible


Main structure
  • Made from an extruded aluminum profile
  • Ø 160 mm, 5 mm thick
  • Standard height: 0 m 60 (CL 60)
  • Louver base made of die-cast aluminum


Type S
  • Die-cast aluminum baseplate
  • Dimensions 250 x 250 mm
  • Fixing distance 200 x 200 mm
Type A
  • Direct anchoring of the bollard into the ground
  • 3 retaining elements mounted onto the Ø


Possible variations
  • Occulter for semi-circular lighting
  • Opalized Fresnel optic
  • Electric plug
  • Access door


  • Polyester powder coating - RAL colors or special finish


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