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Mikado nano

Technilum's icon Mikado has become a must have in qualitative urban projects.

Mikado Nano is a lamp postA post (generally a pole) supporting a lamp or lantern for lighting a street, park, etc. designed to mark out the route on walkways and is intended to be arranged in lines or in clusters. It is equipped with LEDA semiconductor diode that emits light when a voltage is applied to it and that is used especially in electronic devices. lighting and is therefore highly ecological with an extended service lifetime, low energy consumption and simplified maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Fully weld-free aluminium construction
Heights 3m50 through 4m50


Pole head
  • Monobloc in perfect harmony with the pole and manufactured in the same section
  • Outreach 1 m
  • Inclination upon request


Lighting element
  • Die-cast aluminum main structure
  • Fitted in the arm
  • Hinge integrated with the stainless steel axis
  • Screen-printed
  • Integrated thermic heat skin
  • Integrated Led driver
  • Lighting with 18 or 36 Led on aluminum PcB
  • Optical prism refracting light asymmetricaly


Mikado Nano Pole
  • Exclusive aluminum profile with internal trapezeshaped structure 134 x 114 x 86 mm
  • Interchangeable flush access door
  • Opening 500 x 90 mm at 600 mm from the base


  • Made of die-cast aluminum
  • Dimensions 280 x 280 mm
  • Fixing distance 200 x 200 mm
  • Insulating rings on the 4 anchoring oblongs to avoid any contact with galvanized steel bolts


Possible variations
  • Other version with the fluo 49 W Sammode tube
  • Luminaire closing with a tamper-proof screw


  • Polyester powder coating - RAL colors or special finish
  • Natural anodization (20 microns)

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