So'O - Technilum


So'O is dedicated to signalization.
Its aim is to guide users along the way (distance to travel, direction to take…)
The luminous sphere works as a guideline, highlighting added signage

Technical Specifications

Aluminum made
Entirely Weld-free
Height 0 m 630
Lighting element
  • ½ spheres, 150 mm radius made of translucent anti-UV treated polycarbonate


Main structure
  • Made of die-cast aluminum
  • Composed of 2 half-shells
  • Dimensions 350 x 308 x 630 mm
  • Half-shells can be removed for maintenance
  • Access: secure stainless steel screws
  • Internal functional mouldings
  • Additional panel for signage

  • Included in the fixeel half-shell
  • Inferior disc Ø300 swivel to be set during installation
  • Thickness at the anchoring piercing: 20 mm
  • 2 stainless steel anchoring bolts M10 type
  • Oblong opening for duct 33 x 54


Power equipement
  • Power supply can be removed
  • Incorporated heat skin
  • LED 18w
  • Electrical class 1


Possible variations
  • Wall mounted


  • Polyester powder coating RAL colors or special finish


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