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Masts and poles that adapt to any type of background lighting or functional luminaireA complete lighting unit, consisting of a lamp or lamps together with the components required to distribute the light, position the lamps, and connect the lamps to a power supply. Often referred to as a "fixture." .

Technical Specifications

Fully weld-free aluminium construction
Heights 3 through 6m


Pole head
  • Luminaire top with die-cast aluminum reduction nozzle on Ø 90 mm / 60 mm or machinated Ø 76 mm
  • Simple, double or triple head
  • Removable
  • Arm made from a specific aluminum profile120 x 40 mm or Ø 60 mm fixed on aluminum profile decorative ring


  • X Structure + Ø 90 mm with Étoile bollard
  • C Structure + Ø 140 mm
  • X Structure Ø 112 mm
  • C Structure + Ø 140 mm
  • Étoile Ø 140 mm
  • K Structure Ø 140 mm, Ø 120 mm


Possible variations
  • Wall mounted luminaire with wall-piece (1/2 rectangular profile 120 x 40 mm or round profile Ø 120 mm) and arm made of tubular or rectangular profile, variable lengths.
  • "Art Déco" style pole head with double archedcross for supported luminaire
  • Various accessories & technical options can be adapted (base plate cover, bollard, etc.)


  • Polyester powder coating - RAL colors or special finish
  • Natural anodization (20 microns)

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