Expert in aluminum lighting structures

Technilum® has been designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture in aluminum for almost 50 years and enjoys a proven technical knowledge in the use of this material.

Technilum's expertise on aluminum (c) Technilum

A renowned expertise

Technilum® constantly innovates to maintain a technological leadership in its sector.

  • 1970’s: “ Weld-free” manufacture is adopted: a specificity that still distinguishes us from the other manufacturers.
  • 1990’s: Extruded aluminum technology: often designed on the basis of an exclusive concept, the poles offer a constant tubular cross-section in which the functional internal structure guarantees unmatched mechanical and aesthetic properties.
  • 2010’s: Technilum® starts to focus on developing Smart Lighting solutions for Smart Cities.
  • 2016: its expertise is aknowledged by the obtention of the EPV label (Living Heritage Company), delivered by the French government to companies with exceptional indiustrial know-how.

Technilum's expertise on aluminum

The choice of aluminum

  • Sustainability: fully recyclable material
  • Robustness: resistant to corrosion, particularly in marine environments
  • High technicality: finesse of details, perfect finishes, easy maintenance
  • Lightness: transport, handling and installation of equipment facilitated

Montréal, Bd Maisonneuve (c) Marc Dussault

Easy accessoirization

Lamp posts are the most recurrent elements in urban area: it is thus important to make it multi-functional in order to limit the congestion of public space. With 45 years of experience, Technilum® has designed outdoor lighting furniture integrating external technical grooves to easily mount and adjust the height of any type of accessories: waste bins, video-camera, banners, way-finding, traffic lights…

A luminous team by your side

Our people are here to help you all along your projects:

  • Our sales team take into account your inquiry and specify your needs, in order to provide you with the most accurate solution
  • Our design and engineering team validates the design and implantation (photometric study, structural calculations study…)
  • Your order is then produced in our factory, South of France.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority!