Smart in Site

A city which is more accessible, more pleasant and safer ; placing the technology at the heart of city centers and serving everyone… Make public areas becoming user friendly and connected, places that citizens appropriate, naturally…

Smart-In-Site by Technilum® makes these aspirations come true. Beyond lighting, Technilum® indeed developed a complete range of smart services, perfectly integrated to lighting furniture.

Let’s imagine together the city of tomorrow!

  • Safety: Video-surveillance, Emergency call, Video-fining, Warning signal…
  • Broadcasting: Local or traffic information, Environmental alert, Broadcasting, Advertising…
  • Services: Parking assistance, Battery charger for electrical vehicles, Concierge services, USB outlet…
  • Connectivity: Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi…

The « + » by Technilum

  • Perfect integration of the devices.
  • Numerous features in one unique structure, minimizing the congestion of public space and increasing the aesthetic continuity of the space.
  • Open-source, non proprietary systems.
  • Installation, adjustment and maintenance made easier.
  • Lighting management system, able to adjust the lighting level, automatically or in reaction to a specific scenario (through occupancy sensor for example).

Find the lighting furnitures compatible with Smart-in-Site services!


Inspired by the endless possibilities Smart-In-Site offers, Lighting designer Roger Narboni and Technilum imagined eXtimity, an exterior intimity furniture concept.

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