Jardins de l’Arche walk, Paris-La Défense

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The project

Located near the future Arena 92, the main objective of the Jardins de l’Arche is to recreate an exceptional urban offering between the Terrasses of Seine-Arche and La Défense; to create an attractive and lively space on the scale of the Parisian metropolis. The project indeed structures a pathway meant to be used by thousands of pedestrians during event nights, as well as inhabitants and workers of the neighbourhood.
For this project, 6 meter high Mikado PM lamp-posts have been adapted to incorporate projectors in the arm, instead of the standard luminaire. The contemporary silhouette of this model perfectly fits in the surrounding urban environment.

Paris-La Défense,
October 2017© Photo credit:
Julien Falsimagne
Contracting authority : EPADESAArchitect : AWPLighting designer : 8-18Engineering : Ginger
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