City center, La Grande Motte

The project

It’s just a short step from energy-efficient street lighting to a connected, sustainable territory!
La Grande Motte has fully grasped the stakes involved, committing to a vast plan to promote energy transition. The Global Public Performance Contract involves the design, construction or renovation, operation and maintenance of the city’s public lighting assets and related installations.

Our Toblers LED floodlights, inspired by the city’s iconic architecture and named after a famous pyramid-shaped chocolate, punctuate the heart of the city. This large-scale renovation will enable energy savings of up to 80% thanks to low consumption, dimmable and programmable DALI LED fixtures.

La Grande Motte,
January 2022© Photo credit:
Hugo Da Costa
Contracting authority : Ville de La Grande MotteLighting designer : Agence ONEngineering : SES CFCI