Camille Claudel neighborhood, Paris-Saclay, Palaiseau

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The project

In the heart of the new Paris-Saclay campus, near the French capital, light has become a mean of communication. For the first time in France, Technilum has indeed developped specific lighting poles able to offer LIFI technology. Named Lilio, our lighting poles are both smart and elegant: our technical team managed to integrate the LIFI devices into aluminum poles specifically designed in order to meet the technological requirements imposed by LIFI.

July 2016© Photo credit:
Julien Falsimagne 2016
Contracting authority : Scientipôle AménagementArchitect : Agence François LeclercqLighting designer : Coup d’Eclat (Yves Adrien, chef de projet : Caterina Colle)Landscape architect : Phytorestore
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