République Square, Saint Médard en Jalles

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The project

Design and sobriety: our trapezoid profile Mikado comes in different formats and plays with the lines offered by EXIT landscape designer for the new République Square in Saint Médard en Jalles. A beautiful harmony created by Yon Anton Olano, lighting designer, for a peaceful public space that residents will happily reclaim.

Monumental lighting structures (Mikado GM profile) for the scenographic lighting of the space echo the Mikado Nano lampposts, perfect for pedestrian lighting of the surroundings.

Saint Médard en Jalles,
December 2019© Photo credit:
Hugo Da Costa
Contracting authority : Bordeaux Métropole, mairie de St Médard en JallesLighting designer : Yon Anton OlanoLandscape architect : Exit Paysagistes (mandataires)Engineering : Alto Step
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