Urban Lighting Furniture

Partner in urban realm enhancement

Technilum® is tune in to customer needs to offer innovative products and collaborate efficiently on high profile projects

Technilum® is expert of the entity product/markets centered on creation, innovation and design.

  • Technilum®'s designs contribute to the creation of urban or architectural heritage, highlighting sites. It is a lasting offer, formed with high quality materials with aluminum, 100% and endlessly recyclable, at the forefront.

  • Following a creative and inventive logic, the company produces "prêt-à-porter" and "haute couture" collections.

The multipurpose nature of its poles is part of Technilum® furniture’s lasting trend. Thus, signage, benches, bins, camera supports... can be added to our lighting poles. Carefully listening to its specifiers, Technilum® innovates through its exclusive and detail-oriented manufacturing process, guaranteeing a perfect finish.