Felix Platter Spital, Basel


The project

Built in 1967, Felix Pattel Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, specialised in geriatric universitary medicine, did not cover any more the growing needs for such specialty. An extension was thus created in 2019, in order to answer these needs and help positionning the facility as one of the geriatric leaders in Switzerland.

Berlin-based agency Lichtvision has been appointed for the lighting design of this extension. Technilum’s Creille GM lighting columns, with PMMA-covered 4 open-cut sides, have been installed along the pedestrian pathways, allowing a smooth and gentle ambiant lighting.

January 2019© Photo credit:
So Lighting
Contracting authority : Universitäre Altersmedizin FELIX PLATTERArchitect : BAM Swiss AGLighting designer : Lichtvision
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