National WW1 Memorial

Washington DC, USA

Custom-made lighting solutions

From Lezigno, Occitania

Haute Couture lighting solutions

From Lezigno, Occitania

One Tower Bridge

London, UK

Custom-made lighting solutions

From Lezigno, Occitania

Flon Square

Lausanne, Switzerland

Haute Couture lighting solutions

From Lezigno, Occitania

Ski slopes

Äre, Sweden

Jaffa Gate

Jerusalem, Israel

Liberty Park

New York City, USA


Belgrad, Serbia

We have been designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture for 50 years and are equipping public areas as well as private developments worldwide with both standard products and highly customizable smart lighting solutions. As a manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, we supply high performance aluminum light poles, bollards or wall-mount for all kind of landscape, architectural or functional lighting projects.

Custom-made solutions
The choice for aluminum



A lighting column with wide openings at the top, Niagara enhances public spaces with soft, diffused ambient lighting and a timeless design. Equipped with a LED fixture, it is part of an environmentally-friendly approach: extended longevity, reduced energy consumption, easier maintenance…



Make public areas more user friendly and interactive!

Smart-in-Site offers a complete set of connected and smart services, perfectly integrated into the lighting furniture : Wi-Fi, dimmable lighting, speakers, broadcasting... Smart lighting for smart cities...


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