Ski resort, Åre

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The project

One of the first projects of a new strategic masterplan jointly developed by Ljusarkitektur, Skistar and the Municipality of Åre is a new skiing attraction in the ski resort of Åre. It’s a night-time lighting concept for a family-friendly 3.5-kilometre slope called “In the Footsteps of Giants,” based on old Nordic tales of giants and trolls, and the concept includes glowing orange poles that refer to fire and lava beneath the surface, dynamic blue-hued general light that echoes the moonlight, sparkling rocks and hidden treasures.
The extreme climate demanded rigorous long-term product monitoring and testing to ensure reliability of the easily operated system. Ljusarkitektur indeed chose Technilum’s aluminium Structure K mast for their exceptional durability and ease of maintenance, aluminum being particularly resistant to tough weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures.

February 2012© Photo credit:
Mikael Silkeberg
Contracting authority : City of Åre – SkistarsLighting designer : Ljusarkitektur (Kaï Piippo)