Allées Jean Jaurès, Montrouge

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The project

The Allées Jean Jaurès is a very qualitative urban and landscape project of nearly 2 km long in Montrouge, Paris area. Landscape architect Michel Pena imagined a “Green Promenade” combining distinct paths and roads for pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles, surrounded by landscaped areas.

80 bollards and columns M.I.L.E. [Modulable Intelligent Lighting Elegant] were designed specifically for this project with lighting agency Coup d’Éclat. Monolithics, equipped with different lighting sources, videosurveillance, sonorization and wifi systems, they are both extremely versatile and refined.

July 2019© Photo credit:
Luc Boegly
Contracting authority : Ville de MontrougeLighting designer : Coup d’EclatLandscape architect : PENA PaysageEngineering : BATT