Central Square, Palaiseau-Saclay

The project

A true urban center on the scale of the campus, the Place Centrale of Saclay acts as a link in the chain of “major places” on the Campus. It is now punctuated by our high Structure K ⌀250 (14m) openwork poles forming a dynamic line of light whose curvature hugs the layout of the square. The “light gap”, visible only from the south of the square, adds a singular & colorful touch to the space, accompanying passers-by all the way to the metro.

As a sustainable district resolutely focused on the energy transition, the choice of our durable, long-lasting aluminum poles, 75% of which are recycled and infinitely recyclable, was an obvious one!

February 2021© Photo credit:
MFL Photo
Contracting authority : EPAPSArchitect : XDGALighting designer : ConceptoLandscape architect : Michel Devignes Paysagiste