Cultural patronage

Agnès Jullian, President of Technilum®, is an expert in urban stakes and maintains intellectual and creative exchanges with project managers and contractors. In 2006, she took the initiative to create Lézigno, a cultural association.

Photos credits © Technilum

Lezigno : place of exchange and culture

Lézigno is a cultural association that welcomes artists in residence and offers an annual cycle of conferences and meetings for a professional audience: “Serendipity”. Lézigno proposes a demanding program that answers questions about the future of the contemporary city, through light and its interference on architecture, art, design and landscape.

Designer and manufacturer of urban lighting furniture since 1971, Technilum® focuses on customized projects for specifiers, architects, landscape architects, urban planners and lighting designers. As an expert in urban stakes and through intellectual and creative exchanges with project managers and contractors, Technilum® offers its expertise to the artistic world for the creation of unique pieces. The creation of the Lézigno Association was therefore a logical next step in the development of this interdisciplinary approach.

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Path of works – Artistic collaborations

Photo credits: ©Corentin Vincent, ©Technilum

Mécènes du sud

Since 2018, Technilum has also been an active member of the Mécènes du Sud collective, which provides support to regional artists and raises awareness of contemporary art in companies.