Exceptional know-how

ISO 9001 Our multidisciplinary team attends you throughout your projects thanks to our know-how, acquired since 50 years, and recognized internationally.

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From ready-to-install to Custom, a partner in urban development

Customized ready-to-install know-how

For more than 50 years, our team has been accompanying you throughout your projects, from design to prototype testing, to bring solutions that contribute to the creation of urban or architectural heritage, enhancing a site:

  • Our internal skills: Designers, calculation engineers, electronics, mechatronics and optics, draftsmen…
  • The sales team takes charge of your request and specifies your needs, to establish a lighting proposal that meets your expectations.
  • Design and/or validation of the design and implementation by our dedicated engineering department (resistance calculation, lighting study…).
  • Manufacture of your order in our workshops, in France.
  • Logistical support, up to on-site delivery.

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Innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities


Technilum has a production facility of 2600 + 4500 m² in Béziers, South of France, with a fleet of precision machine tools, in which it regularly invests:

  • ERP, CAM, CAD, Finite element calculations, Fluidics, Lighting.
  • 10M€ invested since 2017 on our production site.
  • NBT (New Building Technilum).
  • A 2nd 5-axis machining center (up to 12 m long).
  • A 2nd waterjet cutting machine (up to 8 m long).

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Our expertise in aluminum


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