I.C.E (LED fixture)

Adaptable on all our range of lampposts, the I.C.E. [Intelligent Connected Efficient] light integrates perfectly into your Smart City projects.
Able to detect and, above all, differentiate the presence of pedestrians, bicycles or motorised vehicles, it adapts the light settings according to the presence of each.
. Substantial energy savings (up to 65% in suburban environment)
. Maximum user comfort
. Preservation of biodiversity

The finish of our fixtures can easily be matched to the associated lighting furniture: choose from more than 200 RAL colors and special finishes available (polyester powder coating), for a harmonious finish.

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Technical data

  • LED tamper proof glass with high light transmission treatment, intelligent camera detection and communication system, made up of two independently programmable light elements.
  • Dimensions: 670 x 268 x 136 mm
  • Protection: IP 65 / IK 08
  • Class: I(II possible)
  • Power: 16 W, 33 W, 66W, 99W
  • Outgoing flow: 1700 lm, 3350 lm, 6700 lm
  • Color temperature: 2200, 2700, 3000 °K
  • CRI: >70
  • ULOR: <1%
  • Lifespan (L80B10): >100 000 h
  • Driver: Pilotage autonome / caméra de détection. Existe en version sans détecteur. DALI, 0-10 V
  • Number of LEDs: 16, 32
  • Bamboo

    Eco-designed LED aluminum lighting structure for the ambient lighting of public spaces, suitable for any kind of urban environment.
    Height: from 3.5 to 5 m.

  • Marsanne

    Versatile lamp post in aluminum for functional and road lighting, with adjustable height, arm(s) and outreach.
    Height: from 5 to 12 m.

  • Roussanne

    Aluminum lamp post for functional lighting with simple or double head.
    Height: from 5 to 12 m.

  • Sémillon

    Aluminum lamp post for functional lighting with simple or double head, with an oval pole.
    Height: from 5 to 9 m.

  • Marsanne (wall-Mounted)

    Monobloc wall-mounted lighting systemmade of extruded aluminum, specially designed for ambient lighting.
    Outreach: from 1 to 2 m.

  • City Line

    Aluminum light pole designed to provide functional lighting and highly versatile (pole profile, number and type of arms and pole heads).
    Height: from 4 to 12 m.

  • Roussanne (wall-mounted)

    Aluminum wall-mounted lighting system for functional lighting.
    Height: 0,5 m, 1 m or 1,5 m.

  • Roussanne (Variation)

    Lighting pole with single, double or quadruple open-work aluminum arm, designed for ambient or functional lighting.
    Height: from 5 to 12 m.

  • Technalinox

    Aluminum round tapered poles range, produced in one piece, entirely weld-free.
    Height: from 3 to 12 m.

  • Techni-Tram

    Aluminum pole whose patented design demonstrates originality, lightness and transparency.
    Height: from 5 to 12 m.


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