NANO² (LED fixture to integrate)

Compatible with Shiraz(K) Nano, Mikado Nano and Zinfandel Nano models, the Nano² LED fixture, with integrated hinge and driver and extra clear silkscreened glass, accompanies your pedestrian and street lighting projects while providing low energy consumption and long-lasting.

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Technical data

  • Die-cast aluminum LED fixture with integrated heat sink and LED driver. Nano² is made of a silkscreened glass and is equipped with a LED driver integrated to the luminaire and easily removable.
  • Dimensions: 470 x 120 x 60 mm
  • Protection: IP 65 / IK 08
  • Class: I(II possible)
  • Power: 35 W
  • Outgoing flow: 3426 lm
  • Color temperature: 2200, 2700, 3000 °K
  • CRI: >70
  • ULOR: <1%
  • Lifespan (L80B10): >109 000 h
  • Driver: Pilotage DALI, 0-10 V (sur demande)
  • Number of LEDs: 34
  • Mikado Nano

    Monobloc aluminum lamp post with iconic trapeze-shape profile (134 x 114 x 86 mm) for ambiant lighting.
    Height: from 3,5 à 5 m.

  • Shiraz K Nano

    Aluminum lamp post for functional and roadway lighting. Monobloc, with rectangle shape profile (158 x 95 mm). Equipped with technical grooves, it can be easily accessorizable.
    Height: from 3.5 to 5 m.

  • Shiraz Nano

    Functional aluminum lamp post, offering a refined contemporary shape, ideal for ambiant lighting. Monobloc, with rectangle shape profile (158 x 950 mm).
    Height: from 3.5 à 5 m.

  • Zinfandel Nano

    Aluminum lighting structure for functional lighting, equipped with technical grooves to facilitate accessorization.
    Height: from 4 to 8 m.

  • Tannat Nano

    Aluminum lamp post designed for functional and decorative ligthting. Rectangle shape profile (158 x 95 mm) with integrated technical grooves to facilitate accessorization.
    Height: from 3.5 to 5 m.

  • Mikado (wall-mounted)

    Timeless wall-mounted lighting system with iconic trapeze-shape aluminum profile, for exterior ambient lighting.
    Outreach: 1m.

  • Zinfandel (wall-mounted)

    Wall-mounted aluminum lighting system.
    Outreach: 1 m.


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