Busway, Amiens

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The project

Four new rapid-transit bus lines have been created in Amiens, in the Northern part of France. They will participate to increase the attractiveness of the public transport network of Amiens’s inner suburbs, as well as to redynamise the city.
The Art Deco cut-out patterns of Creille’s lighting columns remind Amiens’ rich artistic heritage. The columns also display the name of each of the Bus stations and a chaging RGB lighting announces the arrival of the buses. Elegance is truly combined with functionality!

May 2019© Photo credit:
Xavier Boymond
Contracting authority : Amiens MétropoleLighting designer : ILEXLandscape architect : ILEX (Paysage, Urbanisme, Conception Lumière)Engineering : Edeis (mandataire), Iris Conseil, Corédia, Infra Services, Ceryx Trafic System