Perrière Waterfront, Grenoble

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The project

In 2015, Isère’s pier in Grenoble experienced a total refurbishement. A pedestrian zone was set up and a customized, dynamic, lighting scheme was created by Jean-Yves Soetink (l’Acte Lumière), with the aim to revitalize the entire neighborhood.
RGB fixtures are suspended to Technilum’s Treepodes poles, like festive lanterns. The brackets are fixed to the masts thanks to rotative rings, which allows to randomly arrange the arms (or “branches”), for a natural and dynamic effect.

September 2013© Photo credit:
Bruno Thomas
Contracting authority : Ville de GrenobleLighting designer : L’Acte LumièreLandscape architect : Atelier du Paysage Alain MargueritEngineering : Arcadis