Busways and roadways, Lorient

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The project

Triskell is the name of the special road network dedicated to the buses of Lorient conurbation. The first part, finished in 2007, has significantly improved the fluidity of public transportation.

With their open-work arms, Technilum’s Roussanne lamp posts bring delicacy to the functional lighting of the busways. They also include a pedestrian light, for the confort of walkers and cyclists.
More recently, Aiguille masts, with Palino and luminous head, equip another section of the busway.

Finally, in May 2017, the works are acheived, including the connection of Lorient’s railway station for which Technilum has also provided the lighting furniture.

January 2007© Photo credit:
Technilum – DR
Contracting authority : Lorient Agglomération