La Ferme des Tilleuls, Renens

The project

A place for exhibitions, concerts, cultural and artistic events, the Ferme des Tilleuls opened its doors in 2017. Owned and renovated by the city since 2008, the works exhibited are meant to be representative of the industrial history of Lausanne.

The ORGANUGAMME, presented as the emblem of Western Lausanne, stands out in the courtyard of the farm. This 14-meter high art work brings together 4,000 pieces of ceramic art in a single unique structure. Inaugurated in November 2022, Danielle Jacqui’s work is highlighted by a custom-made Mikado GM lighting pole, specifically created by Radiance 35.

November 2022© Photo credit:
Nathan Hausermann
Contracting authority : Ville de RenensLighting designer : Radiance 35