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Mai 2022 – ESmartCity

“[…]Technilum designed and manufactured the Shiraz K poles and integrated the Smart In communication module to provide Hi-Fi sound, Wi-Fi connectivity and CCTV cameras through the streetlights.[…]”


Février 2022 – Archdaily

[…]The project, which is part of the Action Coeur de Ville program, therefore consists of making Place Henri Dunant largely pedestrianized and better connecting it to the city center via the neighboring Cours des Dames. In fact, the games and street furniture that will be installed are inspired by the urban codes of the Cours des Dames.[…]

March 2021 – Arc

“Designed by Agence ON and Alain Gilles, a new avenue of light poles from Technilum now line the La Croisette promenade in Cannes, bringing a stylish functionality to the space.[…]”

May 2018 – Mondo Arc

“Shiraz K’s contemporary silhouette has made success of this model, Shiraz K exists in different height and tilt, ands is also available as a bollard or wall-mounted fixture. The specifity of this model is its external technical groove, which greatly facilitates accessorisation.”

September 2017 – Mondo Arc

“A modest new lighting scheme from LUMINOcité has given the 9 Locks of Fonseranes, first built the seventeenth century, a profound sense of poetry, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, helping the historic landmark emerge from the French countryside.[…]”

Februar 2017 – Architectural Lighting

“[…]Narboni designed Extimity with French lighting company Technilum. It is a modular system that addresses urban design trends and incorporates street furniture elements with smart lighting functionality to foster the creation of a nocturnal urban environment.[…]”

World Landscape Architecture

November 2016 – Word Landscape Architecture

“[…]The park design is conceived to provide critical pedestrian connections between the World Trade Center District streetscapes and the pedestrian bridge spanning the adjacent West Side Highway. This connection links the district to the World Financial Center in nearby Battery Park City. The park program is organized into three primary areas; the East Plaza, the Garden Overlook, and Street Edges. […]”

July 2016 – Archicree

“Une nouvelle approche de l’éclairage urbain avec ces modules connectés, conçus en collaboration avec Roger Narboni. […]”

April 2016 – Les Echos

“[…]Autre label à vocation nationale, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), une marque de l’Etat visant à distinguer des savoir-faire français dans l’industrie et l’artisanat. Pour la PME Technilum (45 personnes), spécialisée dans le mobilier urbain d’éclairage, le revendiquer constitue un avantage concurrentiel lors des appels d’offres en France mais aussi à l’étranger.[…]”

World Landscape Architecture

April 2016 – Word Landscape Architecture

“[…]Lansdowne Park has remained true to this vision in restoring the site through contemporary design language and careful preparation for its future, while honouring its enduring legacy of place through exhibition, display, and recreation.[…]”

March 2016 – Architectural Lighting

“[…]Roger Narboni has teamed with Technilum in the design of an outdoor lighting system called Extimity.[…]”