Allées Pierre-Paul Riquet, Béziers

The project

Our M.I.L.E [Modulable Intelligent Luminous Elegant] lighting structures, with their contemporary design, fit perfectly into the new urban landscape of Allées Pierre-Paul Riquet in the heart of the city of Béziers. Beyond aesthetics, these totem poles have the particularity of pooling services.

Indeed, M.I.L.E avoids the proliferation of supports cluttering public space for a smarter, sustainable, and refined city. Lighting, light scenography, signage, sound system and compatibility with city’s CCTV system: this all-in-one lighting structure was imagined by Yves Adrien, designed and manufactured in the Technilum facilities in Béziers (a few kilometers away).

September 2022© Photo credit:
Hugo Da Costa
Contracting authority : Ville de BéziersLighting designer : Coup d’Éclat (Yves Adrien)Landscape architect : Pena PaysageEngineering : Gaxieu

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