Lavallée eco-neighborhood, Chatenay-Malabry

The project

Lavallée is an innovative eco-district which creates a new link between Châtenay-Malabry down-town and the Sceaux park. Here, everything is designed to take care of the environment and provide a high quality of life of residents.

Our Niagara columns and Jeny lamp-posts (single, double or triple), punctuate the neighborhood with intelligent, chic and timeless LED lighting. Some are equipped with Littlewords dynamic, interactive displays, making public spaces playful, welcoming and safer

Made from 75% recycled and infinitely recyclable aluminum, our street lighting furniture is equipped with Karéo² LED luminaires, which fit in perfectly with this exemplary eco-neighborhood project.

April 2022© Photo credit:
MFL Photo
Contracting authority : Eiffage Aménagement, Lavallée SemopLandscape architect : BaselandEngineering : Ginger Avon, OTCI

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