Place des 3 Pouvoirs, Les Fées, Town hall forecourt, La Grande Motte

The project

Designed by architect Jean Balladur to adorn the Place des 3 Pouvoirs (People’s power with the bleachers of the cultural center, Temporal power with the town hall, Spiritual power with the church), the lampposts are called “Electricity Fairy” by their creator.

Jean Balladur initially wanted the cones housing the bulbs to be shaped like the fairy hats seen in cartoons. Manufactured in 1973 by Technilum, the Fées are still in place, more than 50 years later, and have become an integral part of the Grande Motte identity.

As part of a global public performance contract to upgrade the town’s lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient installations, the Fées are now fitted with low-consumption Paulette LED floodlights. Their “texturized lighting” glass brings a unique and modern touch to the town hall forecourt: the “Fées” still have a long life to enjoy!

La Grande Motte,
January 2024© Photo credit:
Hugo Da Costa
Contracting authority : Ville de La Grande MotteLighting designer : Agence ONEngineering : SES CFCI