Pôle Laherrère, Pau

The project

Inaugurated in September 2023, Laherrère pole in Pau (South west France) is now home to students, young workers and companies, with services and shops on the first floor. Thanks to its proximity to the city center, the university and the BHNS, these eco-district is a forward-looking project designed to mix uses and cultures.

This lively square, modelled on a village square, now benefits from two new buildings featuring high-quality architecture, punctuated by large arches reminiscent of the bastide towns of Béarn.

Our Creille columns with their Art Deco II openwork pattern (that can already be found in the town’s covered market and Hedas neighborhood) combined with bouquets of Mikado PM now punctuate the Place Laherrère.

September 2023© Photo credit:
Luc Boegly
Contracting authority : Ville de Pau, Pau Béarn HabitatArchitect : CoBe (architecte mandataire), WEEK, AiA Life DesignersEngineering : Gamba