Canadian Summer Roadshow!

Technilum’s Luminous Foodtruck has been travelling throughout Eastern Canadian roads for its first tour!

It all started in this year 2020, particularly upset by COVID-19… Local lockdown having made meetings difficult, Technilum (upon an original idea from Pierrick, our project manager in Canada!) decided to innovate in order to meet its customers, partners and specifiers. Thus was born Technilum’s Luminous Foodtruck, which hit the road for a unique Summer Roadshow!

From August 13th to September 24th, Technilum got you on board in its extraordinary traveling tour. From Quebec to Toronto via Montreal, the Luminous Foodtruck traveled Eastern Canada for friendly reunions and amazing moments of discussion – while strictly respecting sanitary measures. We hope to see you very soon, in the meanwhile, many thanks to all the participants of the Technilum Lumidays!

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