Focus on Shiraz GM!

(Re)Discover the Shiraz GM!

The Shiraz GM benefits from the contemporary and refined design that made the success of Shiraz product line. Shiraz GM benefits from the exclusive and patented City Module® concept. As the big brother of the Shiraz model, it comes in various heights, from 6 to 10m (19’8 7/32″-32’9 11/16″), and has a wider profile with dimensions of 250 x 150 mm (9 13/16 x 5 15/16) to elegantly fit in any kind of projects.

Equipped with LEDs, it contributes to reduce environmental footprint thanks to its extended life-span, reduced energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Discover the product in this project for Bellegarde, Cultural and Associative Center “Elie Bataille”, equipped with 13, 11 and 8m (42,6, 36,1 and 26,2) Shiraz GM. These poles with “Bellegarde” cuttout patterns were custom-designed for the city!