Harbour in La Ciotat

The “Port-Vieux” of La Ciotat (harbour) is benefiting from a complete refurbishement of the public space. Priority is now given to pedestrian and cyclists – the project will be completed in Septembre 2019!

The docks are now equipped with Structure K 200 with custom cut-out patterns. The anodized finish enhance the natural beauty of aluminum, while strengthening its protection from corrosion: a significant asset on seashore.

Project owner: City of La Ciotat, Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence
Landscape architect: Agence TEM (Eric Giroud)
Lighting furniture: 33 open work Structure K 200, equipped with 6 projectors (Lumenbeam Small from Lumenpulse)

What is anodization? Structure K technical specifications