Technilum in Africa: discover the new Place des Enchères in Ouidah, Benin!

Occupying a place of choice in the government’s program for the renewal, growth and attractiveness of Benin’s tourism offer, Ouidah is being transformed. As a future flagship destination for memorial tourism, the city has launched numerous colossal development projects, including the Auctions Square (Place aux Enchères). Monumental, the Place aux Enchères will host bronze sculptures representing scenes reminding the tragic history of the transatlantic trade.

Thirty of our lighting poles (Aiguille, Mikado PM, Creille GM models) equipped with our Paul and Paulette floodlights, as well as Treille & Creille bollards with a Giraffe pattern will underline the square with elegance. The lighting scheme is signed by Franck Franjou, French lighting designer.

Project: Auctions place, Ouidah, Benin.

  • Contracting authority: ANPT
  • Lighting designer: Franck Franjou
  • Installers: Ismast Energy Sarl
  • Lighting furniture: Aiguille, Mikado PM, Creille GM (Giraffe pattern) equipped with our Paul & Paulette floodlights aluminum poles, Treille et Creille (Giraffe pattern) bollards