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Manseng Nano is the smallest model of the Manseng range of poles, lampposts, bollards and floodlight supports, sober and functional.

Supporting any kind of light fixture or any accessories (signage, litter garbage can, camera…), their position can be adjusted precisely and easily in height thanks to the technical grooves integrated to the pole.

Manseng Nano is available with bracket(s) integrating a LED luminaire or without bracket. Made of 75% recycled aluminum, completely seamless, it combines design, robustness and sustainability.

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Height from 4 to 12 m (from 13′ 1 15/32″ to 39′ 4 7/16″)

Technical data

  • Exclusive aluminum square profile, with internal functional structure and external technical grooves, to facilitate the mounting of accessories.
  • Mast profile: Manseng Nano
  • Profile dimension: 130 x 130 mm (5 4/64″ x 5 7/64″)
  • Interchangeable flush. Inscribed square 85 x 92 mm (3 11/32″ x 3 39/64″). Locked with tamper-proof screw.
  • Baseplate made of die-cast aluminum. Insulating rings on the 4 anchoring oblongs to avoid any contact with galvanized steel bolts. Construction entirely weld-free to eliminate weakness point: the connection pole/base plate is realized thanks to a two-part epoxy adhesive. Download here the full specifications.
  • Bracket made in the same profile as the pole offering perfect harmony. Simple or double mast head.
  • Number of arms: 1-4
  • Standard outreach: From 0.8m to 1m (from 2′ 7 31/64″ to 3′ 3 23/64″)
  • Tilt: 0°-20°
  • Polyester powder coating: more than 200 colors available, plus special finish. Natural anodization available.

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