Roussanne (Variation)

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  • D_Variation-Roussanne-Nuit

Roussanne aluminum lamp post is also available for ambient and decorative lighting. Its fretted arm made from exclusive aluminum profile makes it both resistant and aesthetic. Versatile, it can support a simple, double or quadruple pole head. Different pole profiles are available, with or without external technical grooves (to facilitate accessorization).

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Height from 5 to 12 m (from 16′ 4 27/32 to 39′ 4 7/16″)

Technical data

  • Adaptable with various types of pole, models and profiles. With or without technical grooves, for accessorization. Fully weld-free aluminum construction.
  • Mast profile: Structure C, Structure C+, Structure X, Technalinox, Etoile
  • Profile dimension: Ø112 mm, Ø140 mm, Ø160 mm, Ø200 mm. Bermude, Octave, Psyché.
  • Access door made from a specific aluminum profile. Flush, interchangeable. Dimension varying according to the mast chosen. Locked with tamper-proof screw.
  • Baseplate made of die-cast aluminum. Insulating rings on the 4 anchoring oblongs to avoid any contact with galvanized steel bolts. Construction entirely weld-free to eliminate weakness point: the connection pole/base plate is realized thanks to a two-part epoxy adhesive. Download here the full specifications
  • Simple, double, quadruple. Removable. Central pole extension piece made of bright polished stainless steel. One-piece Roussanne arm in extruded aluminum profile, cut out in transversal sections, made of 1/2 rings. Termination for 1/2 suspended luminaire. Other lengths upon request. Stainless steel tie-bars with turnbuckles. Fixing possibility on rigging topple mounted into arm and decorative exterior ring.
  • Number of arms: 1,2,4
  • Standard outreach: from 0.5 to 1.5 m (or from 1′ 7 11/16″ to 4′ 11 1/16″)
  • Polyester powder coating: more than 200 colors available, plus special finish. Natural anodization available.

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