Simone Veil High School, Gignac


The project

The new Simone Veil high school in Gignac, South of France, made its first start in September 2020. Promoting equity between territories and responding to the demographic vitality of the Hérault valley, this new structure welcomes students and teachers in a biobased building, with Positive Energy (BEPOS).
The Nerello lamp posts and wall mounts by Technilum are equipped with low energy consumption LED luminaire (Magic).

September 2020© Photo credit:
Contracting authority : Région Occitanie,Architect : Cabinet Hellin-Sebbag (architectes mandataires)Landscape architect : GuillemetEngineering : Arteba (Mission OPC), Underground Engineering (VRD, éclairage de voirie), Adret (courant fort, éclairage bâtiment)