Top 10 – connected accessories for your lighting columns

Technilum streetlights make it possible to create more dynamic, safe and efficient cities! In addition to lighting, our lampposts, lighting columns, bollards and poles easily share services, thanks in particular to the integrated technical grooves we offer. Here are the top 10 accessories to add to your street lamps to help make your city comfortable, connected, dynamic and safe.

1. Presence sensor

Mikado pole-mounted presence detector for connected lighting

Opt for presence sensors that regulate lighting according to footfall. Integrated into the lighting column and coupled with our LED luminaires, this feature saves energy by optimizing lighting while ensuring public safety. Switching off is no longer an option!
Save energy & money

2. Sound system

speaker for public address integrated into Technilum lighting columns

Easily broadcast background music, information, advertising or alerts, programmed or adjustable in real time. Weatherproof, the speakers can be managed centrally or at the point (IP addressing possible), and can be integrated into a community’s existing network.
Broadcasting sound

3. Air quality sensor

air quality sensor integrated into a Technilum public lighting column

Equip your street lighting with intelligent sensors to monitor air quality! Environmental sensors will play a crucial role in managing the hazards associated with global warming in urban environments. Coupled with a luminous beacon or a dynamic screen broadcasting a message, it will be possible to alert and protect the most vulnerable members of the public from atmospheric pollution, while encouraging some users to prefer environmentally-friendly modes of transport.
Measuring air quality


CCTV integrated into a Technilum street lighting column

Integrate CCTV and enhance the security of your public spaces! Discreet and perfectly integrated into Technilum lighting columns, CCTV can cover an angle of 180°. Limiting vandalism often by its mere presence, this CCTV system can also be fitted with a vibration detector to signal any shock (vandalism/accident), enabling teams to intervene in real time. The system can also be coupled with a presence detector acting on the lighting level, or an emergency call station.

5. Led screen

LED display integrated into a Technilum street lighting mast for dynamic public spaces & information distribution

Communicate dynamically & share media! Share your information, photos, videos and all your digital media with these LED screens mounted directly on your lampposts or lighting columns.
Add a LED display

6. Public Wi-Fi

Wi-fi module integrated into a Technilum public lighting column

Choose Wifi modules integrated into our lighting columns and offer a free Wi-FI connection to citizens, promoting digital inclusion. Mesh WiFi technology also makes it possible to connect all interactive objects in the heart of the city, thanks to a single, integrated and robust infrastructure.
Wi-Fi, integrate it!

7. USB outlet

usb outlet for recharging electrical appliances integrated into a Technilum public lighting column

Limit the need for emergences in public spaces by integrating a USB outlet into the lighting column. An added convenience for citizens and an incentive to use and appropriate public spaces.
Recharge my devices with a built-in USB socket

8. Electric charging station

electric charging station for soft mobility and electric vehicles integrated into a Technilum street lighting column

Electric vehicles (bicycles, cars, scooters, etc.) are a popular choice for users, but local authorities need to offer the right services: our discreet, efficient electric charging stations can be easily integrated into most of our poles and lampposts. Offer (or pay for!) this service while limiting the number of emergences in public spaces!
What if we could help you promote soft mobility in the city?

9. Defibrillator

defibrillator integrated to our lighting column technical grooves

Our technical grooves also offer the option of adding a defibrillator, for a safer public space. In aesthetic harmony with the lighting column, the principle is to offer a single support, making it easier for users to find their way around the space and ensuring good accessibility for all.
Making public spaces safer

10. Emergency Call Station

emercengy call station integrated on lighting columns thanks to technical grooves

Integrated into the lighting column, the emergency call station makes the public space safer, while sharing supports.
Add an emergency call station