Top 10 – low tech accessories for your lighting columns

Technilum lighting columns make it possible to create cleaner, more pleasant and more efficient towns! In addition to providing light, our lamp posts, lighting columns, bollards and poles easily share services, thanks in particular to the integrated technical rails we offer. Here are the top 10 low-tech accessories to add to your lighting columns to help make your city comfortable and user-friendly.

1.Leash hook for dogs

dog-leash holder integrated into lighting column

Choose leash hooks integrated into lamp posts thanks to technical grooves for easy attachment and adjustment of accessories. Allow owners to tie up their dogs!
Hang on to your dog

2. Dog garbage

canisette integrated into lampposts thanks to technical grooves

Make your public spaces pleasant, functional and uncluttered by pooling supports. Integrate your dog garbage directly into lighting columns fitted with technical grooves and eliminate superfluous installations. This way, dog owners can enjoy the city while keeping the space clean for their canine companions.
Offer a dog garbage

3. Trashcan

trash attached to lighting pole grooves

An essential part of the public space, the trashcan, attached to lampposts, blends seamlessly into the urban landscape. Our technical grooves make it easy to attach, adjust and remove. The public space becomes more comfortable, aesthetic and clean for users.
Pooling services with these trashcans

4. Road sign support

road signage support for integration into a Technilum street lighting pole

Integrate any type of road signage and free up public space from superfluous bollards. As with all our accessories, our technical grooves allow them to be added, adjusted or removed without damaging the pole.
2 in 1: lighting + road signs

5. Liftable flagpole

liftable flagpole for kakemonos and illumination

Would you like to add banners or illuminations to your public space? Choose to share this functionality with Technilum lighting! Depending on the season, your news and events, or even your desires, this liftable flagpole allows you to add banners and/or illuminations, making itself easily invisible when not in use and therefore lifted.
Choose the liftable flagpole

6. Shelf

shelf for smart and functional lighting

Add an attractive, designer shelf to your lighting columns. It’s sure to make public spaces more comfortable for users!
To lean back, put down a laptop, have lunch on the go, write…

7. Bird feeder

bird feeder mounted on Technilum lampposts to feed birds and contribute to biodiversity

Offer birds a place to feed and promote biodiversity in public spaces with this designer bird feeder to attach to our lampposts, lighting columns and poles. Add accessories to public space with our intelligent lampposts.
Feeding birds & promoting biodiversity

8. Palino masthead

palino masthead with helicoidal technical groove for easy floodlights mounting

Technilum’s helicoidal technical groove masthead makes it easy to attach floodlights and fine-tune their height and rotation, thanks to its special design that meets all lighting design needs.
Fixing & adjusting floodlights has never been easier

9. Smarties pole mounted seat

banc Smarties compatible avec les mâts Technilum équipés de rails techniques

Pooling services and offer perfectly integrat lighting columns with Smarties, single or double pole bases. Attached to the technical grooves directly integrated into Technilum poles, the aesthetic continuity of the ensemble makes your urban and landscaped spaces functional and stylish.
Choosing designer benches

10. Illumination plug and GFCI

Technilum pole-mounted illumination plug for decorations and string lights

Illuminate public spaces with ease, thanks to the illumination plug and GFCI integrated into Technilum lighting columns fitted with technical grooves. Add illuminations, illuminated decorations or garlands to suit your desires, your events or the seasons.
Light & Illuminate!