Aluminum, a sustainable choice

The material of choice since our creation in 1971, aluminum is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. Today, our lighting columns are made from 75% recycled aluminum, with a low carbon footprint.

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(c) Technilum

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Choice assets

  • Robustness: extremely resistant to corrosion, especially in marine environments
  • High technicality: fine details, perfect finishes, optimum maintenance
  • Eco-design: features integrated right from the design stage for the extruded tubular sections we specialize in. This allows us to focus on the real issues: maintainability, replaceability, reproducibility
  • Lightweight: easy transport, handling and installation
  • Sustainability: our aluminum is 75% recycled and is a 100% infinitely recyclable material

As the aluminum recycling industry is one of the most advanced in the world, our priority from the outset has been to ensure the processing (sorting, collection, recycling) of all our waste (blanks, filings, etc.) – which can then be given a second life!

What’s more, we work on eco-design to promote the reparability of our products. This enables us to reduce consumption upstream, and limit our impact and emissions.

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Why choosing aluminum instead of steel?

For its mechanical and physical properties

  • Lighter weight
  • Easy handling
  • A more malleable material for better machinability

For its sustainability

  • Limited carbon footprint
  • 100% recyclable and infinite
  • Resistant and not sensitive to corrosion

An eco-friendly partnership

Concerned about the origin of our raw materials, our ecological footprint and the quality of our products since the very beginning, we have been working for over 50 years to offer you the best solutions.

A long-standing partner of Hydro, formed from the merger of extrusion companies Sapa and Alcoa, a Norwegian company with an aluminum extrusion plant in Albi (less than 3 hours from our short-circuit production plant), our aluminum benefits from the best techniques available in obtaining this material, thus greatly limiting its carbon footprint. The energy mix for its primary production is essentially hydro-electric.

From ore to production, via use and recycling, discover the manufacturing process:

the aluminum manufacturing process, from ore to production, use and recycling

Hydro – All you need to know: ore, production, use, recycling

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