Solar street lighting: autonomy, energy savings & sustainability

Energy transition: go renewable!

Would you like to light places that are isolated from a power grid, and ideally more sustainable solutions in line with today’s energy challenges? Opt for solar-powered lighting that’s self-sufficient, low-consumption and still functional in over 25 years’ time.
Solar panels recharge the batteries built into Technilum street lamps during the day, guaranteeing long-lasting, eco-responsible lighting every night of the year!

Benefits of solar street lighting

By opting for solar lighting, you’re contributing to the transition to sustainable energy solutions and reaping the long-term benefits of this technology:

  • Sustainability

    Solar lighting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps combat climate change.
  • Energy savings and cost reduction

    No need to connect to the electricity grid, which means additional energy savings. Our solar lighting columns operate independently and are equipped with rechargeable batteries that store solar energy for use at night.
  • Flexible installation and easy maintenance

    Solar street lighting is easy to install because it doesn’t require complex wiring. Illuminate remote or isolated areas, while allowing easy maintenance on a durable lighting column made from 75% recycled aluminum.
  • Security and autonomy 365 days / year

    Thanks to their autonomous power supply, our solar-powered street lamps continue to operate even in the event of a power failure, guaranteeing constant, reliable lighting for the safety of public spaces after dark.

Technilum solar street lighting solutions

We offer two ranges of solar street lighting:

Inti Basic

A high-performance “all-round” offering, INTI Basic combines a classic, robust solar module with aluminum lighting columns and Technilum luminaires, as well as a presence sensor to adapt light output to usage.

Inti Design

By combining the stand-alone solutions of its sister company Nowatt Lighting with its lighting furniture (whether “ready-to-install” or custom-made), Technilum offers an aesthetic solar alternative, perfectly in line with its “Design” DNA: the result is unrivalled landscape and architectural integration.

The Technilum touch: 100% French manufacturing and the use of aluminium in the design of our lighting columns, offering longevity and robustness to our products. These commitments are part of a sustainable approach in line with the values of solar lighting.

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Inti Basic/Design

From beaches to greenways, where a connection to the power grid is tricky, Inti Basic brings all that solar power has to offer in lighting, in simplicity and uniqueness.

The range Inti Design takes its inspiration from the essential street lamps that have built our identity and reputation over the years. It combines aesthetics and technology for long-lasting results and unrivalled integration into the urban landscape.

These lighting columns are also Smart-in-Site compatible, for connected, intelligent, autonomous lighting in the city of tomorrow. The installation of presence sensors, which regulate lighting intensity, makes it possible to adapt lighting to needs, while saving energy and respecting the surrounding biodiversity: a perfectly eco-responsible solution.

In short!

Do you need a lighting solution for a carpool parking, greenways, or any other area isolated from a power grid? You can choose Technilum solar-powered furniture for simple, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly lighting!

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