Aluminum, a sustainable choice

Aluminum, which is 100% and endlessly recyclable, is our material of choice for the manufacture of your lighting structures. Our aluminum is 75% recycled and offers many advantages: longevity, strength, lightness…

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(c) Technilum

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Key assets

  • Sustainability: our aluminum is 75% recycled and is a 100% infinitely recyclable material
  • Robustness: corrosion resistant, especially in marine environments
  • High technicality: fine details, perfect finishes, optimum maintenance
  • Lightweight: easy transport, handling and installation

Since the beginning, the management of aluminum waste has been our priority, because it is 100% recyclable and infinitely. This recycling process being one of the most mature, we sort and recycle all of it (cuts, filings…) which can then have a second life!

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Why choosing aluminum instead of steel?

For its mechanical and physical properties

  • Lighter weight
  • Easy handling
  • A more malleable material for better machinability

For its sustainability

  • Limited carbon footprint
  • 100% recyclable and infinite
  • Resistant and not sensitive to corrosion